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V + M | Walt Disney Wedding

I met Vy and Mike when they came to Montreal for a weekend from Philadelphia. They are big travelers and this time, they were visiting Montreal. Actually, it was their engagement getaway. I communicated with Vy by email (obviously) and they wanted a photographer to capture their new adventure. So, we went to Mont-Royal – typical touristy place.

I photograph a lot of traveling couples. I guess my google ranking is on point. However, usually, I never see these couples again after their trips (insert sad face here). While photographing their engagement session, they were telling me all about the planning of their Disney World upcoming wedding. I’m sorry… DISNEY?! HOW COOL IS THAT.

Apparently, if you are looking to book a Disney wedding, you need to call EXACTLY 365 days before your wedding day for a chance to leave a deposit and book that date. You cannot call before … nor later. Disney is so popular (I mean, why wouldn’t it be) that they give you ONE CHANCE to book the day you want. If you want your wedding day to be Nov 3rd, 2017, you need to call Nov 3rd, 2016 at midnight. it’s First call, First served. Someone manages to call before you… sorry, you lost the date. Hello! Stressful much?

After their stay in Montreal, We said our goodbyes and, I thought, that was that. Except it wasn’t. a few months later, I got another email from Vy and THEY GOT THE DATE and wanted me to join them to photograph it. WHAATTTTTTTTT?! I get to go to Disney World!

What an awesome opportunity (and journey) this was. Everyone was so nice and so beautiful. I couldn’t have asked for a better couple to join in the happiest place on earth.

To answer your question: Yes, I totally got to meet Mickey and Minnie. Jealous?

Details about the wedding

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