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Isabella is Ella Photography. She started it 6 years ago already. She is the main photographer and “big boss” of this Ella Party. See below to read more about her and her philosophy behind Ella Photography. << BACK TO PREVIOUS PAGE
Hello. My name is Isabella. I’m 33. I’ve owned my own business for over 10 years now. Well, I was a designer for some  of it. I’ve actually started Ella Photography 6 years ago (already?). I’ve started my own lifestyle photography company because I want to change the world. Sappy, right? I want to show my clients that they are beautiful the way that they are… today. I don’t want people to compare themselves to my photographs and say “I can never be that beautiful in photos” Because you can. All the people in my photos are people just like you. Not trained models. The main reason people don’t “look good” in photos is because they aren’t being themselves. My goal is to show off your personality and your love for each other. Now that’s beautiful! Too often I’ve seen other photographers try to control the photo. They would pose the bride and groom like they were puppets and tell them exactly what to feel and what to say to each other. I don’t like that! I want to follow YOU all day. Whatever happens, happens. I do not pose. I’m there to capture how your day unfolds. Don’t worry, we DO have a portrait session (I’m actually known for those!) but I don’t like to pose. I will help you by telling you where/how to stand but then, you do what you want! I want you to remember how you were feeling that precise moment when the photo was taken. How beautiful you both looked that day. I don’t care about how dirty the room is or how the other photographers did it before. I’m there for YOU on YOUR wedding day. I’ll help you keep the timeline in check, make sure you don’t forget to go to the bathroom (and eat!), get your guests to sit down when you are ready for your entrance or even help you put in your contact lenses (yes, it has happened). It’s not only about the photos for me. It’s about making sure that you get the experience that you deserve. I’m not only there to make sure I get all the shots I need. I’m there to be your little assistant and capture your day. I do this because I love what I do. Because I can be myself when I do it. If you are looking only for a photographer that will come and take photos and then go home, I might not be the photographer for you. Your wedding day means more to me than that. I’m a girl who likes to take pictures and happens to own a business. I’m not doing this for the money. I’m easy-going and think photography has a great importance to memories and am looking for bride and grooms that feel the same way. I offer personalized service: You make your own package, I (not someone else) shows up when YOU want and I’ll be your little helper for the day. I edit your photos one-by-one and I answer all my emails and phone calls. I’m one person. Not a multi-national company where you don’t know who shows up for your wedding and most of the time, they don’t even talk to you. I’m one person. I do EVERYTHING in my company. I’m also extremely honest and get really hurt when people yell at me and do not think that I’m trying my best. Yup, I am human ! Like all humans, I learn about life and about myself, every day. I make honest mistakes along the way (paperwork is not my thing) and I learn from my mistakes. However, I will offer you the best experience you ever asked for. Along with awesome photos 😉 And that’s the truth. photo by Nadia Zheng

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