I just want to say that when Martin and I sat down to budget the wedding, one of our priorities was having a great photographer, since we didn't have a lot of pictures of the two of us at the time. Finding the money within our small-ish budget for a quality photographer involved some juggling, but I'm *SO* glad we did.

The pictures are everything I dreamed they would be; you were worth every penny spent and then some. I've seen you mention in your blog about how you've helped past brides with wedding day emergencies, and I thought "Nah, she must just be upselling herself - there's no way a photographer would take on other roles than what they're being paid for!" I could not have been more wrong, you really came through for me when Maxine couldn't make it on the wedding day, and that means so much to me! If ever there is anything I can do, whether it's sharing a post on FB or answering a potential client's questions, etc. just let me know, I'd be happy to help. Obviously, I'll be coming to you with any photography needs I have. ;) 

Danielle & Martin

Roel and I invested on our wedding photos and we could not be happier with the results. Isabella, took absolutely breathtaking photos and I just can't stop showing them off. She is very organized, experienced and energetic. Put your trust in her and she will do wonders!

Yrzalynne & Roel

With your help, the day would not have flowed as well as it did. You helped to make the day fun, kept us calm and most importantly helped to ensure we were in the right place at the right time.

Tara & Patrick

OMG, we love all the pictures. I look at them and they bring back all the emotions of the day! Thank you so much! I can't believe that we actually get a picture of Will's dad smiling, which is a rare sight to see. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts , we will cherish these documented memories for a very long long time! You and your team are awesome! We had a lot of fun with your girls around

Sylvia & Will

I want to take a moment to thank you for everything... The pictures, the album... But also for who you are and the wonderful attitude you have when you're working. Everyone thought you were talented and I believe you have a gift. We feel the passion you have for your work. I hope you realize that you made the difference in one of the most important moments in my life and I thank you for alllll of this.

Stephanie & Mike

I just wanted to thank you again for everything... You are amazing... From the very minute we met you, both of us knew you were perfect for our wedding. You are truly talented and you have a special eye, no doubt! Also, you are most caring and sweet... Always looking out to see if I was ok. Thank you a million times. It was a privilege to have you capture our moments xox

Sarah & Mo

Nous avons reçu les photos et nous sommes complètement sous le choc!! On les adore!!! Tu as vraiment du talent, tu as réussis a nous faire ressembler a des vrai models! hihihi !! Nous voulions simplement te remercier et te faire part de notre bonheur :D

Sandra & Kevin

The photos you took are unbelievable. Your exuberance for the trade [of photography' comes through in the pictures you take. We are so happy that you were part of our wedding day [ in winnipeg ] .

Rachael & Daniel

We wanted to thank you so much for our incredibly amazing pictures. You captured our wedding day in a way that is simply beyond our expectations. You are truly incredible at what you do.

Melanie & Pedro

Isabella, thank you for having gone above and beyond throughout the trip and wedding day. From planner, to hairdresser, to photographer and so much more, you rock!! We made the best decision when we decided to bring you [to costa rica]. Everyone is still raving about you. We're so happy!

Melanie & Jay

Beautiful pictures of a wonderful day! Brought tears to our eyes again. Love the ones of everyone getting ready! And the rings!! What awesome shots! So many great ones. Dare I say "You're the shit, Isabella!" Cuz I did!!

Melissa & Tony

Well... There are no words to describe how amazing our wedding and engagement pictures are! We just looked at them together tonight for the first time and we got to re-live our wedding day! Isa, you truly are an incredibly talented photographer! We cannot thank you enough for capturing our wedding day [in punta cana] and we thank you for making sure we have the most wonderful memories for the rest of our lives. You are a gem!!

Melissa & Chad

We cannot thank you enough for our amazing photos. We are speechless... Every single picture is so beautiful. We feel like we are reliving the best day of our lives.

Megan & Chris

Thank you Isabella for being absolutely amazing to work with! You captured our day perfectly. The pictures turned out so lovely. We couldn't be happier! Brides - I definitely recommend choosing Isabella to photograph your event!

Lori & Travis

Isabella is such a sweetheart. Since we were planning from England, emails and phone calls were our only options. She really just rolled with us and made the planning with her feel so easy and seamless. She is so easy going and doesn't take the whole thing too seriously which really made us feel relaxed and able to enjoy it all! One thing we really liked about her style was that we never really felt that we were being "photographed". We never felt the camera on us, which allowed us to be ourselves while she captured priceless moments. We can recommend Ella Photography a zillion times over as Isabella will make all your requests and visions come true. It was a privilege

Linsday & Brett

Thank you for the wedding photos. We are completely stunned at how beautiful they all are. You were a total champ. You make everyone feel so comfortable and it really comes through in all the photos. You captured all the moments so perfectly. Some moments we weren't even expecting to have, you got them! It's amazing that we can look through the photos and basically re-live every moment. You did an incredible, amazing job. We couldn't have chosen a better photographer.

Kim & Greg

Après un bon café et une première rencontre mémorable, ca été le coup de foudre pour isa! En engageant Isabella, non seulement nous avons déniché une photographe extraordinaire, mais nous avons eu la change de découvrir une entrepreneuse motivée et professionnelle et surtout un femme sympathique, au sourire contagieux! Nous vous recommandons sans contredit Ella Photography pour votre mariage!! You're awesome!

Éléonore & Mathieu

Isa! We are overwhelmed by the photos. Thank you so much. We just got to relive our wedding day from all the perspectives.. Your work is incredible. You rock! Can't wait to look at them again and again..

David & Evie

You always seem to find ways to make me feel so special, ever since my boudoir shoot! I have to say, in some ways, that shoot is one of the best things that ever happened to me! It made me see a side of me I didn't quite know I had, I got to meet you and Janet and that then led me to have both of you make my wedding day a HUGE success!! I can't say it enough, THANK YOU!

Chantal & Evans

Isa, you did such an incredibly spectacular job. I'd like to say that we were blown away but the truth is I already knew you were damn good. Also, I must thank you for all of the little cues here and there throughout the event. If you didn't guide me back down the aisle I probably would have headed directly for the canal. If you hadn't started people clapping after our kiss... yes, I did notice these things. Where I was really impressed was how you captured some truly genuine shots of my friends who hate being in front of a camera. I can't wait to share the pictures with everyone!

Brad & Thad

As you may already know, Young and I are not people of many words lol But we would like to take a moment to thank you for the amazing job you did at our wedding. Thanks to you, our living room wall is no longer a white wall - even though it took us forever to choose our favourites - we love them all!

Angela & Young

There are no words to describe how I feel about the pictures! Looking at them brings me back to such a wonderful day. I know I've told you before but I just can't stress enough how much we appreciated your help, dedication and professionalism that day and in the days leading up to iy. Knowing that you were there and knew what you had to do really helped us relax and enjoy the day.

Amelie & Andres

Isabella was amazing. We had a very small wedding [in costa rica] and she fit right in. Everyone absolutely loved her and kept telling us so. It was great to have an engagement shoot with her - that was easy - But because we benefited from her amazing photography skills! We have hundreds of beautiful photos that are exactly what we wanted! We love them and we love her! Thank you!

Ashley & Alex

We can't thank you enough for the amaazziinggg pictures. I've told you before but seriously, you are amazing at what you do! I can't wait to share these with everyone.

Pascale & Arthur

We would like to thank you for making us so comfortable and for creating intimacy with the photos you took. You guys know that the bride and groom don't get much time together on such a day... So, when we were posing for the photos of just us, you were really able to give us that moment we were hoping for... Honestly there are not enough words to give you the proper praise. You were the most flexible and pleasant team we worked with through this process and we really appreciate everything you did.

Tiffany & Shayne

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