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Ella Photography is a Montreal photographer who specializes in Weddings and Boudoirs. Need a Headshot or some family portraits? Of course, I can help! Hello!
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“I’m not photogenic project”

I’ve never been a photographer who wanted to do a lot of personal projects. It’s just not my thing. I just like taking photos of people. However, since I started, I noticed a trend.

Being a photographer, the thing you hear the most often is “I’m not photogenic”. That’s right. SURPRISE! It’s not only you. At least 90% of my clients (especially in boudoir) will start a conversation with: “But I’m really bad in front of the camera”. It’s actually the reason why I started taking photos of people. To prove them wrong!


Everyone is photogenic. EVERYONE. The ONLY reason why you have photos of yourself that aren’t that flattering is because of the person holding the camera (yup. the photographer). If you don’t like yourself in your photos, they are not doing their job.


I started a personal project called: the “I’m not photogenic project” or INPP … for people like you. People who would love to get a nice photo of themselves but … is really afraid that it just won’t turn out.


This is how the project works. Twice a year, I announce a date. I have 10 spots. You send over 50$ to reserve your spot via PayPal at info@ellaphotography.ca. That deposit becomes refundable ONLY if you show up for your appointment. You have all day to come and let me take your photo. Once you do, I go back to Paypal and “refund” your deposit. Why? Because I just want you to get a nice photo of yourself. The reason for the deposit is to guarantee that you’ll come. I don’t have a lot of spots and it would be very unfair if I reserved one for you… and you didn’t come. If you send a deposit and you can’t make the date anymore… you lose it. Fair?


You will receive your favorite photo of yourself in High Resolution afterwards. If you want more… You totally can get some! But there’s a fee for those (50$ each photo). Want to walk away just with your included photo? Do it! Take advantage!


All I ask is that you let me share your photos afterwards. Cool? 

Not sure? See some examples here

Want in ? Get on the waiting list, below.