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I + M | Italy Wedding

Last May, I had the HONOR (and opportunity) to shoot my very first Italy wedding. I was invited by Irene and Marco, who were getting married VERY close to where my family lives. Perfect opportunity to take some time off too and go back home for a few weeks. I was so nervous during this wedding. Going all the way there, not knowing what to expect, how the light will be etc… NERVES! But I was really excited. I absolutely love going back home. The scenery is so amazing. So, I was super excited to finally be able to photograph a beautiful couple in front of it. The big difference between Italy and Canada is also the traditions. Italians are still VERY traditional. A church wedding and NO FIRST LOOKS. Which means that … after the ceremony … we were RUSHING to make sure we would get enough light for the portraits. Not that I’m complaining. We got an unbelievable sunset.

All in all, everything was amazing. I can’t wait until the next one 😉 In case you don’t feel like looking at the photos below, check out the slideshow instead!

IsabellaRosa_4283 IsabellaRosa_4284 IsabellaRosa_4285 IsabellaRosa_4286 IsabellaRosa_4287 IsabellaRosa_4288 IsabellaRosa_4289 IsabellaRosa_4290 IsabellaRosa_4291 IsabellaRosa_4292 IsabellaRosa_4293 IsabellaRosa_4294 IsabellaRosa_4295 IsabellaRosa_4296 IsabellaRosa_4297 IsabellaRosa_4298 IsabellaRosa_4299 IsabellaRosa_4300 IsabellaRosa_4301 IsabellaRosa_4302 IsabellaRosa_4303 IsabellaRosa_4304 IsabellaRosa_4305 IsabellaRosa_4306 IsabellaRosa_4307 IsabellaRosa_4308 IsabellaRosa_4309 IsabellaRosa_4310 IsabellaRosa_4311 IsabellaRosa_4312 IsabellaRosa_4313 IsabellaRosa_4314 IsabellaRosa_4315 IsabellaRosa_4316 IsabellaRosa_4317 IsabellaRosa_4318 IsabellaRosa_4319 IsabellaRosa_4320 IsabellaRosa_4321 IsabellaRosa_4322 IsabellaRosa_4323 IsabellaRosa_4324 IsabellaRosa_4325 IsabellaRosa_4326 IsabellaRosa_4327 IsabellaRosa_4328 IsabellaRosa_4329 IsabellaRosa_4330 IsabellaRosa_4331 IsabellaRosa_4332 IsabellaRosa_4333 IsabellaRosa_4334 IsabellaRosa_4335 IsabellaRosa_4336 IsabellaRosa_4337 IsabellaRosa_4338 IsabellaRosa_4339 IsabellaRosa_4340 IsabellaRosa_4341 IsabellaRosa_4342 IsabellaRosa_4343 IsabellaRosa_4344 IsabellaRosa_4345 IsabellaRosa_4346 IsabellaRosa_4347 IsabellaRosa_4348 IsabellaRosa_4349 IsabellaRosa_4350 IsabellaRosa_4351 IsabellaRosa_4352 IsabellaRosa_4353 IsabellaRosa_4354 IsabellaRosa_4355 IsabellaRosa_4356 IsabellaRosa_4357 IsabellaRosa_4358

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