Hello. ELLA PHOTOGRAPHY is currently giving one-on-one mentoring sessions for photographers that are trying to break out in the industry. The class we offer are for photographers that already know and understand the basics of photography but need to define their skills and/or their branding.

Coaching sessions include :

A full day of teachings. •How to get the best photos with the equipment you have •How to get better photos in low light situations •How to master your external flash better •How to find the light •How to talk and pose your models (and we will have a model to work with) •How will improve your branding and create a mission statement for your business •We will assess your website and marketing to see how to improve in certain areas. •Learn about Lightroom and/or photoshop I encourage you to bring a list of questions so that we get the most of out the class and you don’t forget anything.


This is for photographers that want to become professionals or that already in the industry. We will setup a portrait session (either indoors or outdoors) with a model and you will learn how to improve your photography skills. If you are an advance photographer but would like some help regarding branding and marketing, this class is also for you. You will also get a Headshot of yourself to use on your website. ** Photographers will have the rights to their individual images ** For photographers that would just like their website assessed and have just a few questions about how to improve their work or branding, consider getting a consultation instead at 75$/h.

An idea of the day’s timeline :

10 AM- 12:30PM

Talk about photography, how to talk to clients and how to approach the business. We asses your website and see how you can brand your business to attract clients.




We will prep the model and get shooting! We will shoot outdoors (weather permitting) and learn how to pose the model, how to get them “in the mood” and feel beautiful and how to find deal with harsh lighting!


We take your head shot!


we look at your photos and retouch a few in lightroom Got some questions ?

Why should I invest in a coaching session ?

The photography business is pretty competitive. It seems like there’s a million of us! With a coaching session, you’ll find ways to break out of the bunch and start getting noticed by your target client. I’ve been a marketing consultant for years (in additional to being a photographer) and I can teach you to find out WHO you want as a client and HOW to get them buying from you. I can also teach you to “up” your photography and refine your style by specialization.

What if I haven’t officially launched my business?

If you are a photographer but haven’t officially launched your business, this is the PERFECT time for a coaching session has we can launch you with a BANG. A coaching session will give you the confidence you need to prove to the rest of the world that you are here to stay!

Where are the sessions offered?

These sessions are offered in Montreal, Qc for now. However, Consultations can be also offered via Skype as they are not “hands on”

Where will I be meeting with you?

At my studio, situated on St-Ambroise.

When are the coaching sessions ?

Whenever you want! That’s the beauty of one-on-one coaching sessions

How much is a coaching session?

The cost for a coaching session is $650 (unless the photographer is a part of a husband/wife or co-owns a business with a partner). The $650 fee includes lunch, headshots, All photos shot that day and 7-8 hours of one-on-one mentoring with me. Bring more photographers with you on that same day and you can all save a little. Email me if you have more questions :