Ella Photography | F.A.Q
Ella Photography is a Montreal photographer who specializes in Weddings and Boudoirs. Need a Headshot or some family portraits? Of course, I can help! Hello!
Montreal photographer, Wedding photographer, Boudoir, Photographer
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?

My name is Isabella! I’ve been a photographer who specializes in Weddings and Boudoir for 8 years. I work in the region of Montreal (QC) but Travel all over the world.

What can I book you for?

You can book me for your Wedding, a Boudoir session, a Family session or if you need a professional portrait for your online presence. You can even hire me if you need to make sure your social media is ON POINT. I have a monthly subscription for that type of work.

Can I text you my question?

Yes, you can! You can text me using my email at info@ellaphotography.ca
It works!

How long in advance should I consider booking you?

For weddings, you should book me at least a year in advance. I can book up rather quickly so, if you really like my work… Consider doing it ASAP. For shoots, usually from 2 weeks to a month is good! If it’s a boudoir session you are looking into, and you want an album for a special present, consider two months because printing companies take a while.

What is required to book you?

For weddings, a 1000$ retainer fee along with your contract is required to book the date (500$ for very small weddings). This deposit ensures that I book you (and only you) in my calendar. The remaining balance is due 7 days prior to the wedding date. These dates are first-come, first-serve.

For sessions, a 100$ fee is required.

How long does it take to get my photos back?

I process orders on a timeline basis. The first weddings of the year will get their photos first. Generally, you should allow 8-12 weeks for photos to be retouched and uploaded into your gallery. My albums take approximately 3 months to complete starting only after the wedding season is done depending on emails responses from you. These albums are custom-designed by me and it requires a little time to get done.

For sessions, it takes about 2 weeks for photos to come back.

Can I decide to order an album after I get my photos?

Of course! It’s never too late to decide to invest in an album. However, the opposite can’t be done. If the album is already in your contract, it cannot be removed after it’s signed. All albums must be paid in full before the album can be sent off to print.

How many photos do we get?

You get all of the photos from your wedding day (or shoot) that I deem “awesome”. That means that unless the flash didn’t pop, the photos are blurry or you aren’t mid-blink, you will get it. Typically that’s approximately 50-70 photos per hour booked. This number isn’t guaranteed though.

Is shipping of my photos and albums included in your prices?

No. My packages are prices for pick-up at the office only. The reason being that I cannot predict where my clients are going to be from. I wouldn’t want to charge 200$ for shipping if some clients will go pick up their albums. It’s not fair, right? For that reason, all shipping must be paid before I send it off to you.

What’s the difference between you and other photographers?

Well, I don’t know about other photographers but, I’m awesome 😛 I’ll be there on your wedding day not only to take your photos but to HELP YOU as well. Need a glass of water? I’ll go get it. Need better shoes to walk on the grass? I’ll give you mine. Don’t remember what’s next? I’ll let you know and keep you on track! I’m there for you guys.

I have no idea how to plan my day. Can you help?

Absolutely! If you book with me, I’ll have a 90-page guide that you’ll receive for free to help you get everything on track! I also write blog posts and send out newsletters to help you throughout the year.

When do you usually start your day ?

I love photographing the “getting ready” part. Love love. I typically start 30 minutes with the groom then, go with the bride for 1.5 hours. That gives me enough time to photograph the boys getting dressed, the bride getting her makeup done while the girls get dressed and then everyone helps the bride put on your dress. I typically end when the dance floor opens.

Do you ever give out the RAW images?

No, sorry! The RAW images (.nef) are just for me. There’s several reasons for that : Images are taken in RAW format so that they can be edited in my signature style (which you see on my website). Without that editing, they are really boring photos. They also need the proper program and plugins to be previewed and edited and they would be completely useless to you. Just an icon on your computer. They contain copyrighted material that is only to be used by the owner. And finally, if you do have the plugins to see them… they are really yucky to look at! they are usually dark, flat in color and uncropped. Really not fun to own.

What happens if you can't make it to the wedding?

I would probably need to be extremely sick in order not to make it to your wedding day. I’m talking missing an arm or something. *knocks on wood*. If ever it does happen, there’s a solution. 4 years ago, I built a network on wedding photographers in Montreal and invited them to join a Facebook group. Since then, we have grown and became friends. We share industry tips and tricks, learn from each other, go out for drinks and… cover for each other if someone needs it. In the case where I were to be very sick and unable to make your wedding day, I would call on 300 professional photographers in that group and make sure that your event would be covered with someone with the same style and mentality as myself. I would then take those images and retouch them to match the style you expected. In the extreme off-chance I were NOT to find anyone available, you would get 100% of your money back. Including the retainer fee.

What's your cancellation policy?

When you book, a non-refundable retainer fee has to be make in order for me to reserve the day for you. If the case that you need to cancel your wedding day, you can get that fee back if we are more than 10 months of your day. That’s because there’s still a chance I might be able to book that date. If we are less than 10 months however, that fee is NON-REFUNDABLE. Your balance is due 7 days before your day. That amount only becomes non-refundable in the circonstance that you would need to cancel 3 days (72 hours) before your day.

Do you work form a shot list?

For the family portraits? Yes. A month before your wedding day, I send you a form to fill out so that I can get all the details and schedule of your day. I like to come prepared. Included in that, there’s a family list that I want you to think about and then create so that the day goes smoothly and we don’t forget any important portraits with family/friends. As far as candid moments however… no. Why? Because those moments cannot be created. If I have a list of specific moments that I’m looking to capture and that I need to think about not forgetting, that means that my mind is occupied and I might miss authentic moments that are *naturally* happening. You don’t want that! Weddings are all very similar, those “moments” that you want me to capture are probably going to happen naturally. Don’t worry about it so much! Unless it’s something like “My grand aunt is very shy, please make sure to get at least one photo of her” or “my shoe laces are very important to me, please get one of those” Then… I agree… Give me a SHORT list. 🙂