Why Custom photography? Why not fashion like the big “dogs”? Well, there was a time when I really wanted to be in fashion. I actually worked in it for a while for large fashion companies but what I came to realize is that it’s not what I truly believed in. You see, I have a real problem with how the media perceives beauty. I do not want to live in a world where people are transformed beyond the lens, where photoshop rules all that is beauty. Although Photoshop is an incredible tool (and I could NOT live without it, especially when I design) the media is using it for the wrong reasons. Promoting “being perfect” rather than being unique and confident. By being a Fashion Photographer, I was part of the problem. So, I turned to Custom Photography. I now photograph people that are in love and celebrating an amazing moment or even enjoying a day of fun with the family, inspires me. Makes me want to be a better person. I want to let everyone (especially girls and women) know that everyone is beautiful. It’s not about your weight or the scars you wear, but about your attitude facing the world. Love, friendship, relationships, families, homes, kisses and hugs. Life…. That’s True Beauty. Not the result of a processed image on the cover of a magazine. That’s what I want to show by my photography. Sometimes we all need a little reminder that we ARE beautiful. My goal is to show you through my lens, loving the life that you own everyday, is amazing. That YOU are amazing. I’m Isabella. I have curves and have incredibly Rosie cheeks. I have an strong accent in french and sometimes get really upset over nothing. I’ve learned that I am beautiful. You’’ll come to realize that you are all that you are, because you are real and you are pure and THAT makes you beautiful. You have it all already, I just capture it.