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Ella Photography is a Montreal photographer who specializes in Weddings and Boudoirs. Need a Headshot or some family portraits? Of course, I can help! Hello!
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Elena | Puglia, Italy

Since I was already in Italy, I took the opportunity to take photos of anyone I could find. Including this lovely lady, which happens to be my little cousin. Elena is a young architect (a smart cookie) and wanted photos that showed off her personality.

So, that’s what we did. We headed over to a farm in Alezio and took photos at sunset. How amazing are those cacti? Ugh! I love.

I truly believe that it’s extremely important to take photos like this of yourself throughout your lifetime. It’s a way to remember who you are. Who you were. It’s a chance for you to study yourself and cherish yourself.  Unfortunately however, there’s a stigma behind this type of shoot that says that if you want photos of yourself that means that you are narcissistic. You are not a narcissist, people. It’s a sign that u like you and believe in yourself. That more than most people can say. It’s ok to think that you are pretty sometimes. We all need to feel like that more often. Especially as women.

We all change constantly, every day. Sometimes too quickly to even realize. Looking back at photos of yourself makes you notice how much you grow.

I love these shoots.


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