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Ella Photography is a Montreal photographer who specializes in Weddings and Boudoirs. Need a Headshot or some family portraits? Of course, I can help! Hello!
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M + T’s | Montreal Maternity Photographer

I photographed Melissa & Tony’s wedding. Since then, however, Melissa and I have kept in touch. Either on Instagram or on Facebook. I love these guys! So when Tony called me wanting to give a session as a Christmas present to Melissa. I was excited!
they had just gotten pregnant and wanted a Boudoir & Lifestyle Session.

It went perfectly.

Better yet, Melissa wrote me an AMAZING email afterward.
”  It’s funny, I just went back and read the first email I ever sent you, inquiring about availability and package prices. I liked your reply, though I am sure it was copy-pasted (the info piece that is), but the beginning was personal and I needed that. Others were literally copying replies that were from their site and there was nothing personable about it at all. It made me feel uncomfortable.
I remember driving out to meet with you to discuss our wedding and you talked us into an e-session; you were right, everyone should do this! It was a real learning opportunity for us to know what to expect, how you work and how your photos look when you make us do weird things (“forehead to forehead”, “close your eyes and laugh”, etc.) The fact that you came to my family’s cottage, ventured out in a ghetto blow up ‘boat’ to follow us to our Wishing Tree, and fought through the black flies really meant the world to us because you captured pictures that we never could’ve imagined. They were spectacular, like out of a magazine!
Throughout our year of planning the wedding, I loved how available you were to answer all of my questions and to provide advice and guidance. I didn’t have anyone to ask and felt really lost at times. I fell in love with your YouTube videos, they were so informative and quite hilarious. You talked about Do’s & Don’ts, you talked about your DJ’s lighting (with the DJ we went with, how practical!), you talked about real things, and it came in handy. You reminded your clients, in a polite way, to feed their vendors- I feel terrible, but if I had not read it, I honestly would not have thought to ask for a table to be set up :/ I’m terrible! You talked me through the family list for photos, THAT was intimidating but you helped me set guidelines and when the time came, you were a boss at calling out shot after shot!
The year went by quickly, but I never felt that we lost touch and I needed that. I didn’t want to book you and not see you for a year.
The day of the wedding was magical and the pictures were fabulous!! I remember looking at them the night before Tony and I left for our honeymoon, the timing was great. So much was captured that I never saw (we even spotted a mystery guest sitting at the back of the church as you photographed my dad and I walking down the isle!) I just love looking in the background of photos.

  Last year you asked your brides and grooms to come in for a little session to help with your new website- heck ya, count us in! Anything to help you out. 

  We are regular stalkers of your site and Facebook, we especially love seeing your e-session couples and then later seeing their weddings. I love commenting on your “colour?! or B&W?” struggles, lol.
  This past Christmas Tony, God I love him, told me that he got me a maternity shoot with you. Yep, we finally got pregnant!
I didn’t know you did these!! I was SO excited to work with you again! I always admired your boudoir sessions and I was actually going to get to experience what it was like, and in my own home! Again, this lead to emails back and forth with you as we both had some questions for one another. When the day finally came (phew, good thing I didn’t go into early labour!) I was so excited, and nervous. It’s not every day one gets photographed in their undies 😉 You were awesome, you made me feel so comfortable and reassured me by showing me some shots as we went along. It was a lot of fun. 
Then you shot Tony and I outside, and of course, always including our dear furbaby Maple! 
  We got the photos really quickly and I was stunned at how beautiful I looked!! Like I told you, I knew I would be impressed and love all of the photos but my goodness- I am half naked and wanting to show the world these photos! You captured how proud I am of my belly and of the miracle that Tony and I have created. Ah, getting teary-eyed here . . . 
  I know that you don’t do newborn photos, so we cannot work together for that milestone but I definitely predict working again with you in the next little bit for a big family photo session when our sweetpea joins our family, and I can’t wait! 
  Tony and I really lucked out in finding you Isa; we love your work but, more importantly, we love YOU and we have fun working with you. We brag about you all of the time and love having your work on display around our home.
  Until next time Isa, it’s always such a pleasure, and thank you for doing what you do xo”

Here is the session :



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