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L’s Raw boudoir session

This is L. She did a raw boudoir session. In her own words, she says :


I asked her to fill our our little questionnaire so that she can explain to you herself why this shoot was awesome for her.


What is “beauty” to you?

Of all the things I ever thought I would be talking about, feeling beautiful it about the last thing I ever thought. It’s strange, I’ve never thought of myself as beautiful, it is certainly not how I would’ve described myself. Things are different now because beautiful doesn’t mean the same to me, beautiful means strong, beautiful means courage. Courage to keep going no matter what, to pick yourself up and look into your eyes and see your inner strength radiate in your outer self. I AM BEAUTIFUL.  Beautiful is a journey, changing every day, one we need to individually define but In the end we need to believe that we ARE beautiful and we will be.

What was the goal in getting a boudoir session done?  The goal for me was really to help me try and see myself as a beautiful women. A feeling I haven’t felt in a while. I was searching for a way to get in touch with that feeling and I thought a boudoir session was a good way to try.

Why do you think it’s important for women to feel beautiful? How did u enjoy getting photos done at your place?  Ur own clothes/makeup/hair?  It is so important for us to realise that we are beautiful because beauty is so much more that superficial affect. It is a feeling a source of confidence and power. To feel beautiful means that we believe in ourselves and our self-worth. We are all beautiful and if we don’t see that then maybe we need a little boudoir session so we can see ourselves with a new lens and remind us that we are worthy…beautiful.

I felt comfortable doing the shoot in my home because it a a safe place, being vulnerable was a challenge but in my own things I didn’t feel so scared. Isabella came into my world and did amazing things to make me feel safe , comfortable and of course beautiful. By doing my own hair and make up I pushed myself to learn how to pamper myself and that I can do a little better than a scrunchie and some mascara. Really the whole experience was a gift to myself, but my family reaped the rewards, rekindling sensuality and setting a confident example for my daughter.

As a woman, do you feel “ugly” sometimes? Why do you think that is? I do feel ugly sometimes but I think that ugly translates for its real meaning of “not good enough” I think we as woman push ourselves to be everything for others and forget that we need to be ok too. When we don’t take care of ourselves, when we don’t feed our spirit with positive thoughts then we can fall into a rut and feel ugly because we let everything go. I think we need to reset our way of thinking and realise that we need to care for ourselves as well and we will feel beautiful more often.

How did you feel after the session/after you got your photos back? A boudoir session doesn’t make you beautiful, it helps you to feel beautiful and getting in touch with that feeling was hard for me, and the session and the photos helped me to see that I was so much more than what I thought saw in the mirror. By doing the session I felt empowered and confident. I was proud to show the pictures, and even more proud of myself for finding the courage to go through such a wonderful experience.

Any last words? 

As an experience I had a great time, I think you have a gift of connecting with people and that connection translates into very personal and relevant pictures. I look at the pictures everyday as I get ready to remind me of the feeling I had the first time I saw the pictures…beautiful

**If you are interested in reading it, L wrote an awesome blog about it too! http://twoheapingspoonfuls-lisa.blogspot.ca/2015/12/couragesexystrong.html**



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